by Sholi

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released May 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Sholi Sacramento, California

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Track Name: All That We Can See

set carve sweet gone send her shock hours
breathe fast live long stand off this one
sweet sweet pure whole quaint fierce rebuild
hope hope hope hope to keep her

oh my can she conceive of this break without breaking

underneath a willow fading
squirrels with human habits forming
every fruit you taste you bite and leave peels

give me golden give me holy keys into this
full but broken home
with brothers weeping

decide decide believe the lines
running down her neck
running down her neck
are the age you gave her

climb into the speakers climb
the staircase on all fours
oh you know how to be loved

oh my can she conceive of this break without breaking

dina, Dina passing through me
two years at a time with each blink
all that I can see
is what you gave to me

lay the blanket over hard ground
where it's quiet, out of reach from
all that can deceive, you from loving me


all that we can see exists in memory
Track Name: Tourniquet

tourniquet, tourniquet
pressure's gonna save
the wound is right above each cheek beneath the brow
they're made to look and look the same

wrap me up, wrap me tight
I think I've bled too much tonight
this wound has seen too much tonight
take this light away

hey man hold your fire, hold your fire
I know you're sick of it, but we're all tired
hey man hold your fire, hold your fire
I'll wait for your turn, you wait for mine
Track Name: November Through June

my best day came
date, 1989

it said
"this is what you missed, this is what you missed"
and the picture was a hole that showed my hand

They separate us in these rooms
suffocate the Deep,
eat the self-consumed

that's just everybody else
this is for myself,
this is not for you.

they keep you inside, keep you inside
fuck you, then it's anything you want.
put you in your place, put you in your place
prorate understanding till due time
Track Name: Spy In The House Of Memories

will you take? ’cause you're making us strong
selfish love, ’cause there is no other
and we'll sweep, off the floors into arms
bathwater of the last twenty years
with the Jewels floating up

somewhere along the lines turned to dots
the children they came and redrew it all wrong
face in the hand, man in the black
staring at skin he'll never get back

and we'll row through the fields through the farms
watching out for the fruits below us
funny thing, to think we're looking out
for the ones that will only hurt us


feel your way on out of here
feel your way back in
take your mind, it's not wanted here
we decide what we cherish and what we forget
we leave on the other end
Track Name: Any Other God

I opened my eyes to see
swinging heads, faceless smiles
trying to hang on to the space that floats them out

They sang to me in a fugue
a thousand tongues with the same word
It could have come from anyone or never come at all

Like any other god
a job discrete
to tune the beast
and watch what will become
of you and me
as we turn the earth with love

I fell in love this one time
it was beautiful we,
we were young and so quietly walking along
bathed in the filth and the warmth
ours would not be let down
something that could not be touched,
existed when we did not

Like any other god
a job discrete
to tune the beast
and watch what will become
of you and me
as we turn the earth with love

Pale, pale and strong,
strung across
no cross no symbol of
just as pretty, as petty

as any other god ...
Track Name: Dance For Hours
DANCE FOR HOURS (or Pesos are not Dollars)

Claudia, it's your turn to step
the graceful ones have all gone to bed
keep keep keep your heels off floors
just dance for hours and cut off your head

This one will last for a while,
we'll take you as you were, take you as you were

Claudia and her countrymen
who feel the guilt all three years ahead
never cared for anyone
just dance for hours and cut off their heads

singing "this love is over when you're older"

but This one will last for a while
we'll take you as you were, take you as you were
we're In Most Fortunate times
just dance for hours and cut off your head
Track Name: Out Of Orbit

falling through a fake escape
through holes that hold small questions of
the gum-ball spheres we sit and wait
and watch the galaxy teeth sink in

you're melting into a beautiful form
staring past the desire to understand
in through the eyes of familiar ghosts
and your children burn to a crisp

far far into the still distance
a city run by a ghost with fingernails
collecting face inside the tips of her hands
writing history as a dark silt brown

these feathers fell as bombs
we're slowly going down
you feel the fire that was burning out
and we took a falling out of orbit

another counted sign
neon neglected shine
you dim the world to see the light
as we took a falling out of orbit

this is all my fault
dragging conscious non-willing patients
a certain kind of land-fall
the words will really hit in
I've gone to undo all
buttons holding heart and holding head
calling out all pockets
we need a replacement

so bless these words and the heat they live by
hold your own breath while you cover their eyes and
breathe out poison

I know I know it's rhetoric tired
but all the unconcerned need a melody to smoothe and average
numb and nullify
Track Name: Contortionist

contortionist, contortionist you twist so well and make me want to scream for you
this sympathy, this sympathy or empathy is all that I can bend into

Ooo and Ahh I love it how you fold and fly and make us scream
Ooo and how I'd love to try but im not good at anything
dancing on your fingertips the things I'd never dare to do
I would give these hands a chance but they would rather clap for you

peel and burn, peel and burn these taciturn schemes manipulate and scrape our knees
take a turn, take a turn we never learn how your metamorphosis deceives

falling for the looking glass fallacy
envious of what we're never meant to be
taken by the talents of another one's reality
blistering beneath the skin when shoes don't fit the feet

rubics cube, undo the trouble that you left for us to stumble
over and upon the colors that were once in fancy order
rubics cube undo the trouble that you left for us to stumble
over and upon your highness, we will put you back in order

I've been fooled again and again and again
Contortionist is getting under my skin